Detergents on tap

Save yourself and save the environment

Detergents on tap

Save yourself and save the environment

Detergents on tap

Save yourself and save the environment


Produce and deliver high quality detergent to give an opportunity to the final customer to save money and at the same time reduce pollution. Investment in Delizia Point guarantees excellent returns and the company offers great benefits.


Build within three years a network of 1,000 Delizia Point, with a very important level of national and international development and whose values ​​are based on savings, cleaning, ecological mission and customized dosing for the end customer.

tank project

The shop at the Delizia plug with jerrycans on demand and a plasterboard structure is a very economical format. This structure, painted according to our corporate colors, gives the brand a highly recognizable.

taps project

The shop Delizia with the spilling automatic represents the top for the company and allows for a more pleasant and professional image of the store. The tapster, fast and functional at the same time, allows you to self-service operations for the end customer.


CLEM is a leader in its industry, solid and cutting edge, conscious of environmental advocacy and prone to innovation. With a strong know-how internationally, CLEM looks to the future, protect nature and safeguard the environmental heritage for future generations.

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For the consumer


With a careful and responsible use you can do much to protect the environment. It reduces both the pollution resulting from waste disposal thanks to a transport reduction for moving empty bottles to the landfill is the volume of the waste.


The price list is very competitive: Clem owner of Delizia brand is a factory of detergents. Thanks to the use of short chain are able to get competitive prices for the consumer.


With seven product lines Delizia, cleanliness, freshness and intense fragrance represent a guarantee for the consumer and for the care of one person for one of your own home.

For the investor


To open a Delizia Point are enough 5000 euro: a low initial investment, with no entry fee or royalty.


Economic activity is booming, with the opening of nearly 600 stores across Europe, and a great potential in terms of annual turnover thanks to a wide margin on the product.


The brand is known and advertised with brand communication costs entirely borne by the company Clem as well as the constant support in the management of the store and in the various loyalty programs for customers.

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Enters the new eco-friendly and cost-effective business. More than 500 stores across Europe
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